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Norakle Accounting

Manage Your inventory, invoicing, after-sales service, payments, ledger report, cash flow, account statements at ease

Quotes & Sales Invoice Management

Norakle ERP helps with quotation and issuance of sales invoice to issuance of receipt.

Purchase Order Management

Norakle ERP will help manage the complete purchase order life-cycle from creation through- approval and delivery to suppliers.

Expenses Management

Norakle ERP will help you automate expenses processes. ie. Payment audit and repayment processes.

Norakle Accounting

Manage Your inventory, invoicing, after-sales service, payments, ledger report, cash flow, account statements at ease

Tax Management

Norakle ERP helps to record and monitor all sales transactions from purchases to expenses for tax purpose.

Bank/cash ledger and Bank reconciliation

Norakle ERP will help - the balances in your organizations accounting records to the information on the bank statement.

Account receivable/payable Management

Norakle ERP manages your organizations accounts receivable billings and collection of payment from customers to aid easy transactions.

Norakle Payroll and HR

Get the most from your investment by using Norakle Payroll and Human Resource Management Services built to meet your unique business needs.

Norakle Payroll

Norakle Payroll helps you automate payroll activities from timesheets, Loans, Tax computations, Direct deposits, Salary Structure, Staff/Employee Management, Attendance.

Norakle HR

Manage the entire post recruitment HR functions starting from on-boarding to final separation. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, Norakle HR gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset— your people.

HR + Time Attendance + Payroll

Norakle unifies HR + Time Attendance + Payroll into a simplified, personalized, secured and all-in-one module.

Loan Management

Improve the management of loans taken by employees through automated tracking of loans and periodical deductions of loan instalments from employees’ pay.

Norakle Project Management

Norakle ERP will help in the integration of all the processes of project management by balancing time, cost, and quality of projects.

Team and Task Management

Norakle ERP helps with identifying, monitoring and managing the work you and your team does.

Reporting and Analytics

Know and analyze the status of your organization’s projects using Norakle ERP.

Let your customer service shine

Driving the growth of sales, improving customer service relationships, ensuring customer retention is a very integral aspect of the business, in fact it’s a major reason the business exists.

Norakle CRM

By implementing our CRM tools, you have the potential to make significant improvements in marketing efficiency, sales and customer service.

Customer Support System

Norakle ERP allows for support and helps to deal with any incidents/issues in your organizations from the moment they are captured through to their resolution.


Easily Communicate with your customers with just one click through our bulk sms features

Inventory Management Solution

Norakle Cloud-based Inventory System offers a rich collection of features that are totally unique.

Norakle Inventory

Norakle Inventory is a sophisticated and yet simple solution that supports any type and any size of business. Our system is designed to give you the functionality you need, when you need it and on any device.

Norakle Warehousing

Our system helps in Warehousing through smooth monitoring, controlling and transferring of inventory from one location to another.

Norakle Barcode System

Easily generate invoices on the spot, understand and share product specification, communicate real-time product information to your customers.

Item Tracking System

Norakle ERP will aid your staff and customers track an item/order location with real time view.

Item Location System

Norakle ERP allows for multi branch view of items location in warehouse with different locations.

Why Choose Us

Norakle features help you grow, innovate, and optimise time and resources – no matter the size of your business.

Free Business Website Builder

With Norakle you get a free responsive business website to promote your business online.

Customize to suit your Business

Norakle is customizable such that you can customize it to suit your taste and business needs.

Online and Offline Usage

Norakle provide Offline and Online Deployment, Our Offline Integration can be synchronized when connected online.

QRcode/Barcode Integration

Norakle allows you to generate your own unique QRCode and Bar Code for your product and service.

Partner With Us


Our commitment to our partners and customers is geared towards helping them to thrive in the marketplace. Become our partner and together we will build a sustainable business.

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Norakle gives my company a comprehensive platform that makes communication between staff and departments easier which resuced time spent on unimportant issues.

Mr Benerd
Project Manager

Norakle has helped us focus more on productivity and less on management with its ease of use, flexibity and affordability.


Norakle Inventory solution is just amazing. It has taken off 85% of my workload. I can do alot just by the click of a button.

Chukwu Samuel
Sales Manager Grasrut Computers
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